Let’s face it: weight loss can be tough!

Many have tried to lose weight only to give up the journey after a few weeks or months. Or even after a few days! The reason this happens so often is that people ignore the simple things that can skyrocket the weight loss program they are following. Sometime people have the desire to lose weight. They may spend weeks preparing mentally. But they never start!

You can wait all you want but the pounds will not come off by themselves. You can plan and prepare all you want, but until you do something, nothing will happen. Do you need help? I will give you some ninja tips that you can use them to your advantage. I am providing you with 14 little things that will make a BIG difference in you fat and weight loss. Do not keep wasting time wondering what it would be like if you did lose weight.

If you have not read my previous post on weight loss advice that really works, you need to . It will be an excellent complement to this post. Below are the 14 little things you can do to make a big difference in your weight loss.

  • Eat Salad. Two fantastic words for weight loss are- eat salad. Not exciting enough? Research by Joel Fuhrman of “Eat to Live” shows that the most overweight people can lose prodigious amounts of weight eating prodigious amounts of nutrient-rich, low-calorie food. One key is simplicity: try an entire head of romaine, chopped very fine (the water method in the blender is useful), and topped with an entire can of chili beans. It’s a tasty, 300-calorie lunch that is jam-packed with fiber, protein, and vitamins. It will keep you full for hours, not to mention what it will do for your intestinal health.
  • Try the healthy french fry alternative. Almost everyone loves to munch on french fries. Many who are wanting to lose weight have failed due to these. There is, however, a healthy french fry alternative that you can bake yourself. 1/2′ cut potatoes combined with oil, salt and pepper can be baked for half an hour at 400 degrees. Add some rosemary for a touch of flavor. Turn them over and bake for another 10 minutes. They’re really delicious with ketchup, a lot lower in calories and you’ll never miss the deep frying. This recipe is taken from Laurel’s cookbook under the name “French Bakes”.
  • Ditch simple carbohydrates and embrace complex carbs. Lots of contemporary diets recommend eating less carbs to lose weight. This is not ideal from a nutritional point of view. Everyone needs healthy carbohydrates in order for their bodies to function according to plan. The key is to consume complex carbohydrates in the form of whole grains rather than simple carbs in the form of sugar and processed foods.
  • For meat eaters only: Pound your meat before you cook it. Pounding meat is not just a great way to tenderize it. Pounding it will also make your portions look larger than they actually are. This can make you feel as if you are eating more. It also serves as a great way to relieve stress.
  • Join a weight loss program. Try joining a weight loss program to make it easier for you to lose weight. Many people find that they have much more success sticking to their decision to lose weight if they have a support group around them. Try becoming a member of a group in your area.
  • Eat Less, Move more. Weight loss is about eating less and moving more. We need to eat less, certainly, but it’s just as important to move more. If you are unsure how to begin moving more, jump-start the process by buying a step counter or pedometer. These inexpensive devices will start tracking your steps automatically – the goal for a healthy person is 10,000 steps per day – and you can begin to ramp up the amount of walking you do.
  • Don’t eat distracted. If you’re eating when distracted, you’ll be more susceptible to gaining weight. Failing to notice how much you eat can lead to overindulgence and the accumulation of extra weight. Planning out your meals and snacks ahead of time will help you eat better and limit your portions.
  • Get a new outfit! Treat yourself to a new outfit. Once you have started your diet, buy an outfit that is a size or two less than your regular clothes. As your diet progresses, keep trying it on, until you can finally fit into it. This gives you something to work towards, and once you get there, you will be reminded of what you have managed to achieve. You won’t want to go back to your old size.
  • Try the Mexican Food trick. If you are dining at a Mexican restaurant, tell the waitress to hold the salsa and chips. Chips are something that you should not be munching on, as they can cause excessive weight gain over the course of the week. When going out to restaurants, only eat the meal that you are served.
  • Walk the talk! Walking and other light exercise is good for weight loss. You should invest in a pedometer so you can monitor exactly how much exercise you are getting each day. If you walk one half of a mile one day, challenge yourself to walk more the next day. Track your progress and you will find that the exercise, along with dietary changes will help you reach your weight loss goal quicker.
  • Share Your Meal. By sharing your meal with another person, you will lose weight without even perceiving a change to your diet. You will be lowering your intake by up to half while being generous at the same time. You will reduce outside dining costs and enjoy the company of another person at the same time.
  • Focus on the health benefits of losing weight, not the pounds. Rather than targeting a specific number of pounds, use how your clothing fits or your stamina as an indicator. It is easy to lose motivation if the scale is not moving quickly enough, but by keeping focus on how much better you feel, you are more likely to stick with your weight loss plan.
  • Give in to some of your cravings? When you are really craving a specific type of food it may be better to just give in to the cravings. Remember that this should always be done in moderation, so if you really want a piece of chocolate you should eat a piece and not eat an entire box of chocolates. A better way is to find a healthier, low calorie alternative to your favorite snack. So, instead of teh chocolate, why don’t you grab a few baby carrots or even a celery stick?
  • Make a conscious effort to cut down on carbs. A good way to reduce calorie intake and lose weight is to cut down on carbohydrates like bread and pasta in your diet. Try replacing carbs with something else instead. Serve a sauce and some meat (if you are still eating) over a bed of steamed vegetables. You can also wrap a sandwich in lettuce instead of using bread.


Going on a diet to lose weight is hard. I have provided simple ninja tactics you can use to enhance any weight loss program. So now, hopefully, you have some ideas. Now you know a little more than you did. Make sure you understand that it is never enough. You should always know, more and above all else, you can do more. You are the only one who will ever stop you. Take what you know and make it work for you. It is in your control.

Until next time, this is the Natural Medicine Ninja, signing off.


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