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About Us

Most chronic diseases are partly, at least, a result of inflammation. Whether it is type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, arthritis or other degenerative diseases, or even some forms of cancer, reducing inflammation can be very helpful. Reduction of inflammation may be done in many ways; a good, nutritious diet, good hydration and supplementation with vitamins, minerals and other supplements.

In our blogs, our goal is to educate. We aim to bring you cutting edge information of nutrition, supplements, hydration and vitamins that can empower the reader to make crucial decisions. Then, in consultation with their own doctor or medical provider, they can formulate an effective treatment plan.

So why should you pay attention to what I say and read what I write?

My name is Yaw Boateng. I am a Board Certified Nephrologist and Internist with a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology. I am also Board Certified by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) in integrative, Holistic Medicine.

I have been interested in the use of diet, natural remedies and therapies for various conditions for over 30 years. Furthermore, I have been studying the role of good hydration, diet, vitamins, supplements and other natural means in the prevention and treatment of various chronic diseases, especially kidney disease.

Because of my convictions about the critical role of diet and nutrition in the causation and prevention and treatment of disease, I have been vegetarian for about 25 years and vegan for over 15 years. I take vitamins on a regular basis because I am convinced that with our depleted and polluted soils, nutrients from our food alone may not be enough to prevent disease, even when we are able to eat organic only foods.


The content that will be provided on this website will be provided from my personal research from the medical and nutrition literature that I have done over the years and continue to do. On the rare occasion when I may outsource content creation, I will edit it to the highest standard of a physician and scientist. Everything you read in my blogs would have been verified as accurate and reliable. But watch out for the occasional satirical piece!

Your body has an incredible reserve and your cells, tissues and organs can recover to amazing degrees if you use natural means to prevent and treat the common medical conditions that afflict us all. Trust the Natural Medicine Ninja to give you the information you need to help your recovery.